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Edit the Slider Properties below for Width, Height and Slides to Display.

The Width and Height will determine the size of your slider.
The slider display and all images will be resized to these values.
It is recommended that you resize/crop images to these dimensions to prevent distortion.

For Slides to Display you may enter a value between 1 and 6.
Entering a value of 4 will display the first 4 slides only.
Do NOT delect images and please contact support if you need more than 6 slides.

To insert/edit images, right-click on a slide image and select 'Image Properties' to upload your slide images.

Slider Properties:
Width: 900
Height: 360
Slides to Display 4

Welcome to the Los Angeles Peninsula Swimmers (LAPS) website. We’re a long standing Masters Swimming organization based in Torrance, California. We’re passionate about swimming and believe that it is one of the best ways to stay fit while having a good time. We’re also passionate about our post-swim coffee.

We have swimmers from all levels ranging from Masters World Champions to beginners. If you really want to give it a shot and you’re not sure about where you stand, stop by and talk to any one of us. We’ll help you out.