Membership Dues

LAPS dues are summarized in the following table. Please note: all dues are non-refundable.

Summary of Dues
Category Cost Billing Frequency Payment Option
Monthly (Credit Card) $80 Monthly Credit
Monthly (Cash or Check) $85 Monthly Cash or check
Monthly College Student $70 Monthly Credit, cash, check
Coupon Booklet $100 On request Credit, cash, check
Visitor Drop-In $10 Per swim Cash or check

Monthly Dues

Monthly dues are $80 when paid with credit card or $85 with cash or check. Monthly dues are due on the 1st of each month.

College-Student Monthly Dues

College students (students who are currently enrolled full time in an undergraduate university or community college program) may register for the college-student monthly plan for $70, or choose to purchase a coupon booklet. College students must register with LAPS.

Coupon Booklets

Coupon booklets cost $100 and have 10 coupons (good for 10 workouts). To purchase a coupon booklet, either bring $100 in cash or check to workout, or use your credit card by logging in to your member profile and following the Shopping Cart link. After you've purchased a coupon booklet you can pick one up from the coach. Please note: LAPS does not honor or replace lost coupon booklets. To use a coupon just drop it in the black dues box next to the coach supply room.


The visitor drop-in fee is $10 per workout. Visitors should check in with the coach and place payment in an envelope with your name on it in the black dues box next to the coach supply room. If you're trying out LAPS as a first-time visitor and subsequently join as a monthly member, credit for up to 5 drop-in fees ($50) will be applied towards your first month's dues.

Payment Options

You may choose to pay by credit card, cash, or check. If you're currently paying with cash or check and want to switch to credit card, or vice versa, please contact us and we will switch your method of payment.

Credit Card

To pay with credit card, enter your credit card information in your member profile. If you're on a monthly membership plan your card will be billed automatically on the 1st of each month.


To pay with check, make the check payable to “Los Angeles Peninsula Swimmers”, write the swimmer name and time period the check is covering in the memo field and deposit it in the black dues box next to the coach supply room.


To pay with cash, place it in an envelope with your name and dollar amount written on the envelope, and put that envelope in the black dues box next to the coach supply room.