How do I become a member of LAPS?

You must first become a member of US Masters Swimming (USMS) and be 18 years of age in order to join LAPS. USMS is required for insurance reasons and your membership allows you to participate in US Masters Swimming (USMS) sanctioned competitions. You also get a bi-monthly subscription to the “USMS Swimmer” Magazine, the USMS official publication. The link below will take you through the entire USMS and LAPS registration process.

LAPS Registration

How much are LAPS dues?

Please see the LAPS Dues page


All visitors must be at least 18 years of age and a current USMS member or provide the USMS 30-day guest membership waiver upon arrival at the pool

Visitors pay $10 per workout; this rate is valid for up to one calendar week. If a visitor plans to swim for longer than one calendar week, he/she must register with LAPS(see above) and either buy a coupon book or pay the monthly, quarterly or annual dues. 

It is helpful to know about what 100 yard repeat pace(your "base") you think you can maintain. That way the Coach an put you in an appropriate lane. 

Visitors should check in with the Coach and place their cash or check payable to “Los Angeles Peninsula Swimmers Inc.” into the black box on deck.

What do I need to bring?

Swimming is actually a relatively low cost activity. Unlike some sports you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment to participate. However, there are some things you should get before you start swimming regularly:

  • Goggles. These are essential, since you’ll be in the pool for more than an hour, and you’ll need to be able to see in the water. Get ones that are watertight and fit your eyes comfortably but snugly.
  • Speedos or other formfitting swim suit. Recommended because they’re designed to allow you to move through the water with less resistance.

Not required, but you may also want to bring …

  • A swimming cap. Especially if you have medium to long hair, you’ll want to keep it contained and protect it from the pool chemicals.
  • Fins, paddles and pull buoy. These can really help your technique and improve your speed, especially if you’re a beginning swimmer. Kick boards are also useful and are readily available at the pool for use.

Where can I find these items?